Website Design/Redesign

Web Design/Redesign

Premier Floral Imports / US Orchids has teamed up with Smart Link Solutions, extending to our members Smart Link Solutions state of the art Digital Marketing and Branding Services.

Smart Link Solutions creates professional web sites that are both visually appealing to potential clients as well as search engine optimization friendly. A website is the face for your company in the online world and will be used by hundreds and thousands of potential customers to interact with your business. With superior design and Internet Marketing in mind, we ensure that each client is able to put its best face forward.

Approach – “Good Design Means Working from the Ground Up”

  1. Discovery – This initial step lays the groundwork for all remaining phases. It is during this phase that all goals and objectives are defined and the resource scheduling necessary for a successful engagement is outlined. This phase involves a collaborative exchange between the customer and Smart Link Solutions regarding the focus of the site, navigation structure and visual elements. In addition to defining expected outcomes for this project, this phase also sets a foundation for future enhancements. During this phase all photos, text and other material that will be used for creating the site should be provided to Smart Link Solutions
  1. Design – Once materials are in Smart Link Solutions possession, the Design Phase will begin. The initial visual elements of the project will be set in place and offered to you for approval. In this phase you will have an opportunity to request revisions and changes of the visual layout, which will serve as a template for most of the pages. Final navigation structure is also set in place during this stage. All revisions to visual layout and navigation structure are completed in this stage.
  1. Development – This is the phase where final designs, coding and copy all come together and your new website becomes reality. You will be presented with a draft version of the site and the website’s text can be approved / revised. Visual layout and navigation structure are not changed during this phase. At the end of this phase you will be presented with a final draft of your site prior to launch.
  1. Delivery – After you sign-off on the Design phase, Smart Link Solutions begins the task of making the site available to your audience. We ensure your site is functional and information is readily available and working according to specifications. In addition to the quality assurance measures taken during the previous phases, a final run-through is performed and then your site is launched.

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