white Hyd 2

White Hydrangea

Our white hydrangea is available in three different sizes, Super Select, Premium Designer, and Jumbo. The Super Select is packed 35 stems in a box and the heads are approximately 6” to 7” assorted in the box. Our Premium Designer Hydrangea is packed 24 stems to a box and the heads are approximately 8”. The Jumbo Hydrangea is packed 16 to 20 stems per box depending on the farm it comes from and the heads are approximately 9″ to 11″ assorted in a box.

We also have Natural Light Blue Hydrangea and Giant Green Hydrangea.

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Our Hydrangea program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. We have available to you all the natural colors and grades grown in South America. Each Hydrangea is hand selected and picked under strict quality guidelines and processed to deliver quality and freshness consistently. Each Hydrangea ships, including a plastic pouch filled with a hydration and anti-bacterial solution, which helps maintain freshness during the cold chain process.