Standard Cymbidiums

Colors displayed on our website are accurate, actual bloom colors may vary. In addition, subtle color differences may be lost due to differences in monitors. Not all varieties are available all year long. If you are looking for a variety that is not on this page please contact us. To request an order or a price quote click on the (ORDER/QUOTE) tab at the top of this page and fill in the form.

Std White

Standard White #1

Std Emily

Standard Emily #2

Standred June Frau

Standard June Frau #3

Std Karina

Standard Karina #4

Std Palace Court

Standard Palace Court #5

Std Palace Court 2

Standard Palace Court II #6

Std Red Spot

Standard Red Spot #7

Std Blossom

Standard Blossom #8

Std chili_single

Standard Chili_Single #9

Std Lemon

Standard Lemon #10

Std Tracy Sunkist

Standard Tracy Sunkist #11

Std Jungle

Standard Jungle #12

Std Bonnie

Standard Bonnie #13

Std DanHill

Standard Dan Hill #14

Std Limones

Standard #15

Std Maggie

Standard Maggie #16

Std Margaret Thatcher

Std. Margaret Thatcher #17

Std Nandy

Standard Nancy #18






















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